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Gus Brown should be your criminal defense attorney

If You've Been Arrested or Accused of a Crime, You Need Our Help!

No one plans to get arrested or accused of a crime — yet it happens. If you are facing charges, you'll soon find out that today's police, prosecutors, courts and juries are not inclined to be lenient!

Yet, the burden of proving your guilt rests entirely upon the government. If you have been accused, as your legal representative, we will stand up for you and ensure that your side of the story is heard. He will provide you a staunch defense mounted by a knowledgeable, committed attorney willing to fight for your rights and interests.

You are innocent — until proven guilty. YOU HAVE RIGHTS! You need aggressive and experienced legal representation to defend those rights. Your legal team from Brown, Brown & Young can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you are making the right decisions to move on with your life.

Brown, Brown & Young attorneys provide representation and defense against the following list of charges:

Accessory After the Fact
Attempted Murder
Child Abuse
Concealing Dangerous Weapon
Credit Card Fraud or Theft
Distrib. Controlled Substance
Driving Uninsured Vehicle
Driving Possessing Alcohol
Failing to Obey Lawful Order
Failure to Stop after Accident
False Imprisonment
Firearm Violations
Illegal Possession of a Firearm
Illegal Possession of Drug Equipment
Impeding & Hindering
Indecent Exposure
Malicious Destruction of Property
Manufacturing Controlled Substance
Passing Bad Check(s)
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Providing False Statements
Public Intoxication
Reckless Driving
Reckless Endangerment
Resisting Arrest
Sex Offender Registration Violation
Sex Offenses
Unauthorized Removal of Property
Unlawfully Taking Motor Vehicle

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